Little People UK was co-founded in January 2012 by actor Warwick Davis, his wife Samantha and a group of individuals with the same goal; to offer friendship and support to people with dwarfism, their families and friends, and help build a positive future for those individuals.


Since its inception, Little People UK has become a registered charity and an essential resource for the social, medical ad financial needs of the little people community in the UK.  To date it has attracted almost 300 members, along with the support of the highly respected Orthopaedic, Ophthalmic, Neurological and Anaesthetic consultant surgeons together with Physiotherapists and Educational practitioners, all of whom have a special interest in helping people with dwarfism.

It is lead by a voluntary committee and one member of staff, that relies on fundraising and generous donations.  Its committee is made up of both people with dwarfism and average height individuals, making for a very fair and compassionate group who can meet the needs of everyone, ensuring friendship and support is provided, whilst raising awareness of people with dwarfism and celebrating with great pride and positivity little people contribution to society.

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